You may log in as a student to one of the sample courses.  Use the following:
4-digit teacher ID: 0001

Course Number: 1

Student ID: 0001

Password: GUEST


You may use 0001 through 0010 for the student ID.  You may use course number 1, 2, or 3.





1. Why can't I get past the Terms of Service page after logging in? You need to let your computer accept cookies from   If it does accept cookies, check to make sure that the site is not inside a frame from another website. Your address bar should read or If you get to i-assign site by following a link from another website, it would be best to right click on the link, then click on "Open in New Window" or "Open in a New Tab."  


2. Wrong deadlines.  The website says that my assignment is due at 10 pm. I submitted a correct answer at 7 pm but when I checked my score, it said that the answer was submitted after the deadline. Why? Answer: The "correct" time as far as i-Assign is concerned is "Server Time" (which, is Mountain Time, USA). You must be living in Hawaii. You can see the Server Time at the bottom of each web page.


3. Inconsistent answers.  When I tried the question in Practice Mode, it said the answer is "A", but when I submitted the same answer in Graded Mode, it said my answer is incorrect. Why? Answer: Your teacher most likely set the answer choices to be scrambled every time the question is delivered, and/or chosen to have the system randomly select from different versions of the question. The idea behind this is to get you to focus on understanding the material, not to memorize the answers to specific questions.


4. Wrong deadlines, again.  My teacher put a deadline of January 25, 2007 when he meant to put January 25, 2008. It is now January 20, 2008. Will I get credit for a correct answer if I submit one now? Answer: You will WHEN your teacher changes the deadline so that your time of submission is no longer past the deadline.


5. Problems with the answer.  I do not agree with the answer to the question. What should I do? Answer: Once you submit an answer, you will be given the opportunity to send a comment about the question to your teacher (at the bottom of the webpage). In addition to your comment, the message that will be sent to your teacher will tell him/her exactly what version of the question you were looking at, what your answer was, and what the correct answer is. 


6. Forgotten password. I forgot my password, what should I do? Answer: Contact your teacher. Your teacher can tell you what your password is.


7. Unable to advance to the next question. The webpage says there are 25 questions in the assignment, but I can only access question 1. Why? Answer: You need to try question 1 again. Your teacher must have chosen to let you advance to a question only if you have correctly answered all questions before it.


8. Are passwords case-sensitive? Answer: No


9. Changing password. My password is too hard to remember. Can I change it? Answer: Yes. You will always have that option after you have successfully logged in, except if your password is GUEST. If you change your password to GUEST, only your teacher can change it to something else.


10. I wasn't able to complete all the questions in the assignment because I accidentally logged out. What can I do to get credit for the other questions? Just log in again and work on the questions you missed. As long as it is not past the deadline and your teacher has not taken off the assignment, you will get credit for submitting a correct answer. You do not need to answer all questions in one sitting; you do need to do them before the deadline to get credit. 


If you have other questions, please contact