Point your browser to http://i-assign.com


Steps 1-4.  Using the account information provided by your teacher, enter

  1. Your teacher’s 4-digit ID
  2. Your course number (one digit, 1-9)
  3. Your 4-digit student ID (0001 through 9999, this is not your school ID; this ID is only for this course on i-Assign.com)
  4. Your account password

Step 5. Click on the gray button next to “Log in”.  You will see these gray buttons all over the website; use them to navigate through the website.

Step 6. If your log in is successful, you should see a welcome message.  Look near the bottom of the page for any announcements that your teacher may have posted.

Step 7. Read the terms of service

Step 8. Identify yourself.  Once you've done this, you won't be asked again.

Step 9. and click on the gray button next to “Continue only if you agree to terms of service”  This will take you to the main menu.